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Welcome to my first ever blog!!! Not sure where to start but start I shall…

One of the things that put me off blogging was adding another thing to my to do list, something else not to have time to do. One of my pet hates is to go to someone’s blog and find their most recent posting is more than 2 years ago! So my first mission is not to forget to blog – it won’t be a daily occurrence but hopefully often enough not to look forgotten about.

So much for why not to blog… what made me decide to put blogging on my to do list? It was another thing that I didn’t think I’d get into… Twitter & tweeting. I recently started to tweet to let people know about the launch of my website, taking personal and professional experience of adoption into the real world. I wasn’t really sure about Twitter but I’m now totally hooked on it and think it is an amazing way of connecting with people. I’ve made some great connections and even managed a real conversation on the phone with @changenutrition! I’ve found saying what I want to say in 140 characters a real challenge (!) but also a really good way of focussing what you want to say. Through twitter, I’ve noticed how much a blog can add a bit of depth to tweets, so that’s what got me thinking about blogging. My head is buzzing with loads of stuff that I want to say that I honestly don’t think blogging will get as far as my to do list (in fact it will probably take me away from it!!).

I’m going to blog on things to do with adoption, fostering, attachment, things relevant to caring for children who have spent time in the care system, strategies and different things that might be helpful to families. There will also be a bit of stuff that interests me and a bit of real life stuff (but not too much!). I will respect my family’s privacy, in particular our children’s, and do not plan on sharing any family secrets or information that’s not mine to share.

So, until my next blog (in 1yr, 11mths time!!)…. night night!

Written by adoptresources

January 18, 2010 at 12:02 am

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