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Who’s story is it anyway…

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Our oldest son is 11years old now and there are a few of his classmates who are already very adept at navigating the world wide web and all that it has to offer. That includes my blog – not that any of them at this stage are aware of its existence – but it got me thinking about what I post on here and the potential for giving away too much information that could fall into the wrong hands…

So far, I don’t think I’ve betrayed any major confidences but I am thinking more about what I post (could explain my blogger’s block). The edge between sharing my experiences is blurred with my significant others’ right to keep things private.

My general approach to all things adoption is to be open in a sensitive way. Some things are private and some things are good to offload and to share and I’m going to keep on blogging with that in mind…

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May 5, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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  1. I find that sometimes I get this – I’m so focused on self editing that I can’t get things started. But it does come back. For me its more important to make sure I don’t write things that would cause harm or upset than to be the ‘best blogger’ – I keep my children out of it because I can’t take it back once its out there

    You’re doing the right thing and I’m sure the blogging mojo will return soon!

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