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A documentary last night (Panorama, BBC1, 23rd August) discussed a case where a family endured an ordeal as the police, legal and social services tried to establish the cause of an ‘unexplained’ fracture in their son. The case against the parents was eventually dropped but not without causing significant distress to the family. A blog about the show has prompted a debate about the rights and wrongs of the handling of this and similar cases.

The effects of any injustices on families is devastating and there is no disputing or defending that. However, some of the comments on the Panorama blog hinted at a social services system on the lookout for babies to place for adoption, with adoptive parents waiting in the wings, ready to start a new family life.

As an adoptive parent, I do not want there to be any hint of uncertainty about the evidence or need to place any child in care. The issues adopted and fostered children face in coming to terms with the circumstances of being placed into care and the loss of their birth family are huge and would  be unimaginable if there was any dispute over the reasons and the need for their placement.

My happiness at becoming a Mum is always balanced with the fact that behind the scenes there is sadness, trauma and loss for our children and their birth families.

There are lessons for all of the agencies involved in the highlighted case but, from my experience, the motivation to place children in care does not and should not come from a need to meet targets in adoption.

Written by adoptresources

August 24, 2010 at 8:39 pm

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