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Book review: What to expect when you’re adopting by Dr Ian Palmer

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by Ali Campbell (prospective adopter)

It is impossible to prepare yourself for every eventuality on your adoptive journey, but reading this book will assist you in doing so.

I wish I had read this book, had it have been available to me and my husband, back in October 2008, when our adoptive journey began.  It would have saved us hours of research on the internet and calmed our frustrations more quickly than they had been at the time!

Dr Palmer hits every nail on the head with precision. He answers every question that you will need the answers too, and may not know where to look for help.  I think he has covered every scenario & delved into every nook and cranny possible from the adoption journey point of view.

From the very beginning of your adoptive journey, when you start to look at which agency will be best suited to you, to the matching process and beyond, there are all the answers in this book.  From what to look for from an agency, adoption leave with your employers, the matching process & what to expect from you agency, be it a Local Authority or a Voluntary Agency once your child is place with you.

I would strongly recommend that every prospective adopter, approved or pre approval gets a copy of this book and has a good read.

It’s clear, helpful, precise & most of all it feels like a well informed friend that has experience of what you have been, are going through and about to go through!

What to Expect When You’re Adopting…: A Practical Guide to the Decisions and Emotions Involved in Adoption

Thanks so much to Ali for this review, you can follow Ali’s adoption journey on her blog Me, Him and Junior

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July 26, 2010 at 10:10 pm

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